As photographers we go places. Places where we think a photographic opportunity might arise: a beautiful skyline, an awesome mountain range, intriguing people, an interesting-looking pebble on the beach, the list is endless. We go places and we wander in pursuit of photographic delight.

But we’re not lost. We’re just looking, observing. Seeing our surroundings a little clearer – we hope – than our non-photographic brethren. Hence ‘Photographic Wanderings,’ a site covering going places to shoot, gear to shoot with and the people who do the shooting.

I hope this site will be a cooperative effort, with others contributing. Please jump in, email me, give me tips. It’s not about helping me, it’s about helping other photographers.

I plan to contribute more original reporting than most photography sites offer. That’s mainly because I’m a journalist. I report. That’s my job.

By the way, the wandering also applies to my own life story. I grew up in Holland, in a small town. That’s where I first picked up a camera in my teenage years. I leaned towards photojournalism and had some photographs published in Dutch newspapers. I didn’t pursue it, though, and went to law school with the aim of becoming a reporter.

Law school was followed by a year in journalism school in New York, which resulted in a job with an international news service. They sent me to Switzerland. Photography took a backseat in those years.

I returned from Zurich to New York to join my girlfriend, now wife. With the birth of our first child, my interest in photography returned. I also discovered eBay around that time and started experimenting with many different cameras. A few years later I took up model photography and learned about studio lighting. I also made the switch to digital, with a ridiculously-expensive used Canon D30 – remember that one?

In those years I worked as the US correspondent for European publications and – later – as the web editor and senior executive for content at a US financial publisher, charged with spearheading its web presence.

Then I started wandering again: a few years on the island of Cyprus and almost two years in Vienna, Austria. I traveled quite a bit before again returning to New York. During my time abroad, I worked as a consultant and started a website for expats in Vienna. I dropped the latter after we left Vienna and started thinking about a web presence focused on photography, an idea I had toyed with but put aside as I focused on expats. This site is the result of that thinking.


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