How Not to Launch a Blog

Luckily, nobody is reading this blog yet. Apart from my wife, that is. I think. That’s saving me the embarrassment of doing a launch wrong in front of a large audience.

For some months before the launch, I had been tinkering with different blog platforms and templates. Finally, I had found one I liked and could expand on in the future. In those same months, I went back and forth with logo designers via I parted ways with the first team after weeks of exchanging designs and emails didn’t seem to go anywhere. Weeks later, I finally settled with another team on the logo you find above this page.

By then, I really wanted to scratch that lingering ‘launch blog’ task off my to-do list. So I launched the bare bones blog a day before I left on a vacation at the beach. I felt relieved.

I was also overly optimistic. I thought that with the platform I had finished, the routine of filling it would come automatically. Little did I know that a beach vacation with a family hardly lends itself for pondering your first blog posts, brushing up on rusty writing and taking pictures to go with those posts. Add to that the weather, which was either hot and sunny – to the beach – or rainy and gray – staying in.

Virtually the only good thing for this project that came out of Rhode Island was the renewed realization that all the tools we have as photographers to go about finding locations still fall short of a human element. For example, some sites that looked great on Google Maps were practically inaccessible because of private beach rules, an absence of legal parking areas for non-residents or their location in a nature park, for which access by vehicle costs $200 a year.

Then we decided to take a second vacation, this one to Europe, and again I thought I would keep up with blog posts and again daily family life took over. I did take notes and many pictures and have material ready to work on. But I also realized that I had forgotten to set up some things on my laptop, like export presets in Lightroom, that made posting images in a consistent style impossible until I was back home.

I’m home now and will now attempt to do it right. And start writing about photography, instead of how not to launch a blog. By my next trip, I should have a routine established and not fall into this trap again.

Consider this the official re-launch.

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