Nikon Fixes D600 Sensor and Calls it D610

I have nothing against Nikon. I love the D800e. In my film days, I preferred the brand over Canon and I still think the whole brouhaha over Canon versus Nikon amounts to nothing.

Still, I can only think of today’s announcement of the new Nikon D610 as merely a service update by a company unwilling to admit that the D600 was seriously flawed. I’ve never owned or used a D600, but from reading about the problems with oil on the sensor, I’m pretty sure that if it had been a car, it would have been recalled.

Instead, Nikon announced a replacement only one year after the arrival of the D600, puts in a new shutter mechanism and demands $2000 from those frustrated by the D600 oil problem. In the process, prices for a used D600 are probably going to drop steeply.

Now, the D600 was apparently a great camera, apart from that oily issue. So, logic tells us the D610 is a really great camera.

But is it good client service?

The announcement is here.

You can pre-order it here (affiliate links):
Nikon D610 DSLR Camera (Body Only) (B&H)
Nikon D610 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) (Amazon)

You can sell your D600 here. Better be quick.


  1. I own d600 (former owner of d800) and it is already so cheap I don’t know how much cheaper it can get. I paid$1599 for the refurb kit with 24-85 Adorama… Making the body effectively cost $1300 or less. The oil issue is silly in my opinion as it takes about 45 seconds for me to clean the sensor with a kit I’ve had for years. Even my wife can do it easily. That is ath non issue. Used to clean sensors all the time on Nikon and Canon bodies 5-7 years ago. For $700 price difference I am OK to clean the sensor

  2. Ask Burlefot says:

    As an owner of the D600 for a litle over a year I wish they had come up with something else. I have not had the oil/dust issue and hope this won’t postpone the real upgrade for the smaller sized FX camera from Nikon. I know D300-users have been waiting a looong time…

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