Leica to Announce New Consumer Camera at PPE New York

Leica will announce a new consumer camera at PhotoPlus Expo in New York next week, most likely on October 24.

The company isn’t providing any further details at the moment, other than that Roland Wolff, vice president of marketing for Leica Camera USA, will make the announcement.

Leica’s consumer models are often virtual copies of Panasonic models, but the company isn’t willing to say if that will be the case with the upcoming camera as well.

The rollout is part of a series of events Leica is planning during PPE, among others a chance to shoot with the S-system at Go Studios on West 39th Street.

More details about the events in LEICA CAMERA AT PHOTOPLUS EXPO (opens PDF).


  1. dick ranez says:

    Leica needs an interchangeable lens camera that will retail under $4000 if it intends to
    remain in the high end consumer business. Their recent x-vario did nothing to help it,
    the chairman says “no m4/3” and an entry body with a M mount would decimate their
    high end bodies. The old “rock and a hard place” approach to product planning.


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