And We’re Back for Another Year

Happy New Year!


It’s 2014 and time to put Photographic Wanderings in a higher gear. The last months have been a kind of trial for me, seeing how a site like this would work, if I got any feedback and trying to build a new routine. I’m not there yet routine-wise, as many other things still occupy my time and mind, but I’m ready for the next phase.

In the coming months, this site will be less exclusively focused on gear and gear reviews. I will still deal with gear as it becomes available to me, but I’m no longer going to participate in the gear review race. I could, but it’s too costly and takes time away from my real intentions for this endeavor.

I also have to get my own photographic house in order, so I actually have some 2014 resolutions that pertain to photography:

  • Ditch lots of gear and keep only what I actually use
  • Only keep/buy lenses I need or that are truly special
  • Build a portfolio of my best images instead of letting them linger on the computer
  • Submit at least a thousand images to this year
  • Find a semi-permanent studio or sell my lighting gear
  • Shoot way more than I do now

That’s it.

Up next are still some gear-related posts, as I’m still making up my mind about the Sony A7R – a painful process. More on that tomorrow.


  1. I’ve never submitted any photographs of mine for sale. I don’t think I even have anything for sale, but clicking on the link above, I think I will try and upload an image or two.
    Thank you for the inspiration and opportunity!

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