Now That’s Interesting: New Fuji SLR-Type Camera Coming Up


Fujifilm is teasing us with a new X-camera, this time a SLR-style camera with a retro look being launched in a week, on January 28.

There are tons of rumors flying around about its specs and its name, but I’m not going there. I’m already excited enough by just looking at the top plate.

Just look at that:

– all the right buttons and dials, including an aperture ring on the lens, without the clutter of the Nikon Df (drool…);

– small, tight, basic, just what you need and no more (drool…)’

– a large viewfinder from a company that did the X100S optical/electronic viewfinder so well (drool…).

Remember this is the company that got retro almost perfect in a rangefinder-looking system. Maybe it can manage the same thing with a SLR-like system. Maybe, because we don’t know how the camera actually functions and what the back looks like.

The cynic in me says this is just an updated X-Pro 1 with the rangefinder-like viewfinder replaced by a SLR-like viewfinder hump, but I’ll try to shut up that voice and wait with excitement for more.

If this camera is going to be as competent as the Olympus OM-D E-M1, we’re going to be in for interesting times. Especially if it’s priced right.

That’s it for navel gazing at this point. More when the actual announcement is made.

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