Now for Real: Profoto B1 Does TTL with Canon 1Dx

The last time Profoto announced updated firmware for its B1 off-camera flash, allowing TTL with the Canon 1Dx DSLR, the lighting firm withdrew its announcement the moment I hit ‘publish’ on my article about it.

So, this time I waited a day. No word to the contrary so far, so it seems that indeed the Profoto B1 now works with the Canon 1Dx in TTL mode.

Coming up for one-of-a-kind monolight is high-speed sync and a version of the accessory Air Remote for Nikon in addition to the existing Canon version. Those are promised for sometime this year.

I don’t have a Canon 1Dx but I do have a B1 and the Air Remote and I’m still playing around with them. So far, so good. Will report on it later.

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