Blog Note: Upping the Game


Even though I have been out of school for a long time, ever since I started working at home and the kids were in school, my annual rhythm has been based on academic instead of calendar years. Summer vacations have become a bad time to get things done, especially if we travel a lot, like we did this summer. Hence the site has been quiet. Today, the kids went back to school. Summer’s over. Kind of…

Not that I’ve been completely sitting still. Far from it. All the traveling with various cameras led to tons of experience and images, about which more in the coming days. I also moved my home office to another room in the house, smaller but solely dedicated to work.

And I rented some gear just to try out without writing about it, to get a better idea of what’s out there prior to a new round of announcements in the weeks leading up to Photokina 2014. Like many of you, I’m curious what Photokina will bring. I was planning to attend, but concluded there are better ways to spend my time and money.

I’m hoping that some manufacturer will launch a camera that will allow me to get back to one system without feeling I need another one for certain purposes. I’m a gear nut, but I miss being really comfortable with what I have. I use too many different cameras.

I’ve said it before, what I need is a Sony Olympus Fujifilm A7r EM-1 X-T1, with the image quality of the Sony in the stabilized body of the Olympus with the usability and speed of the Olympus and Fuji. All with the size and weight of a mirrorless system. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but if the rumors are to be believed, we’re not going to get much to be excited about this fall.

I’ll continue to write about gear, but I’ve decided to focus this endeavor primarily on destination photography. We all use gear, but we tend to forget that every image is also taken somewhere. Photographic Wanderings will be more about the ‘somewhere’ than other sites. It will be as much as possible about the convergence of gear, technique and place. Not exclusively, but as much as possible.

As such, I hope some readers will share their experiences and tips about locations they have come to love. I also hope to hear about workshops, photographic opportunities and other tidbits that help fellow photographers. Just use this page to contact me.

By the way, this site is called Photographic Wanderings, not Photographic Locations. That’s because I firmly believe that I shouldn’t tell anyone where to place their tripod to take a certain picture. No, I only want to help people to learn about and get to a photogenic area and leave it up to them how to go about capturing it in their style or use it as a background for a portrait or model session.

So, no ‘stand-exactly-here’ advice on this site. You go somewhere and then you wander. There’s delight in the wandering. That’s also why I believe photographers can help each other with finding locations. Each photographer will interpret a location differently, so why feel threatened if you tell someone else about a beautiful spot you found?

To that effect, I will soon add a forum section to this site. I hope it will grow into a community where serious photographers can ask questions and find answers.

Finally, I have added a navigation bar and tag cloud. Initially, there were not enough posts to warrant those, but I started having trouble myself finding articles so it was clear that my navigation needed to be brought up to speed.

Coming up are several articles about my summer travel experiences and gear news as warranted.

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