Announcing the Daily Photography Gear News Roundup

The online world of photography is fragmented.

Many sites just cover one brand, one style or one camera type.

Some do news. Some rumors. Some do everything that gets in their line of vision.

A couple of sites seem to be run by a bunch of friends, who link to each other, while yet other sites seem to be run by another clique and – it seems – the twain shall never meet, or link to one another.

Then there is the habit of not referring to other sites because they might ‘steal’ your affiliate income, even though the link would be useful for the audience.

This fragmentation is not beneficial to the readers.

I kind of knew all of this, but it was really brought home when a friend of mine started asking me about the Nikon D750 and starting doing his own searches for more information. He found there was not one place that wrapped it all up, like there is in other fields.

So, my friend suggested I start a daily overview of places worthwhile visiting on the web if you’re interested in photography gear, be it announcements, reviews or deals. I took his advice to heart and have been playing with the format the last week.

Starting next Tuesday, each morning* before 9 AM EST, I will post a brief overview of one- or two-liners about gear news and gear reviews from around the web. If there are deals that I know about, I’ll share those as well.

This will not be an automated product, but a human effort to bring what matters each morning to an audience of photography enthusiasts. While I follow quite a bit already, please feel free to suggest more sources in my contact form.

I will continue to write my own articles about gear I deem worthwhile or find interesting enough to write about.

I will not report on rumors floating around, unless there are actual teasers from the companies themselves. For two reasons: one, their provenance is never clear and I thus consider them a waste of time; two, I’m increasingly signing NDA’s with companies to receive news releases under embargo.

*Except Sundays. Also, one thing I haven’t worked out yet what to do with Saturdays and Mondays. Little is reported over the weekend, so a Monday report seems to be redundant. But traffic is lighter on weekends too, so a Saturday report might not get much traffic and it might be better to wrap it all up in a Monday edition anyway. I’ll try both options and see what works better.

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