Daily Photography Gear News & Reviews Roundup – Oct. 29

Gordon Laing, over at Camera Labs, reviewed the Panasonic Lumix LX100 compact camera. He loved the 4K video output and the overall functionality and unique elements of the camera in its segment. It earns the Highly Recommended ranking.

The Imaging Resource posted the second installment of its Sony A7S shooter’s report. It confirms previous findings about the camera: excellent dynamic range, astounding low-light capabilities but expensive and only 12mp. Check out those sample images, though.

While a lot of nuance is missing in an overly long video by pro photographer Jason Lanier on why he switched from Nikon DSLRs to Sony mirrorless, sites are discovering it and writing about it. If you have 24 minutes to spare and don’t mind a little too much excitement, the video is here.

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