Rubbing it in at PhotoPlus Expo

While Nikon and Canon as always steal the show at this year’s PPE, with their enormous booths and prominent speakers, the ‘little’ guys poked some fun at the big boys.

Samsung’s reps wore t-shirts promoting the new NX1 with ‘Ditch the DSLR’ emblazoned on the back:


And Olympus went through the trouble of buying a Canon DSLR and some L zooms so it could show us how much smaller and lighter its solution is:



  1. Olympus is cheating in showing non-equivalent lenses. With four times the sensor area you get much better S/N ratio and better subject separation at the same ISO + f-stop. Even a 70-200/4 gives you an advantage when attached to a FF body. That doesn’t mean the Olympus is not a great lens, but one should know the drawbacks when choosing the lighter system (but almost equally expensive).

    • Good point, but shouldn’t it be two times the sensor area?

      • No, crop factor is two (dimensions: m43 225mm^2 and FF is 864 mm^2, so due to 4/3 ratio compared to 3/2 ratio a slight deviation). It is twice the area when comparing APSC to FF (2.25 times larger).

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