It’s Been a While…


Sometimes, life takes turns you don’t expect. In my case, a short consultancy was extended over and over again and followed by another one almost right away. Since these consultancies had nothing to do with photography and occupied me full time, this blog took a backseat, even though I kept shooting for myself all the time.

Even when I started the first consultancy, I was thinking about a reset for this blog. I had lost the appetite for the race to build an audience that could lead to blog income, partly because I got tired of doing reviews for the sake of doing them; of having to follow the often uncritical writings about gear that only exist for the affiliate links; but mostly because there isn’t much sense to fight to get into a market that’s inevitably going to shrink in the coming years. Plus, my ideas were never purely about the blog and, if I take them up again, still won’t be about blogging.

Still, I enjoyed some aspects of this effort and will restart it on an irregular basis, at least until another opportunity precludes me from continuing (there’s an ‘if’ in there as well).

First, I’ll play catch-up. I’ll write about using the Zeiss Loxia 21mm and the Batis 18mm side-by-side during my summer break in Europe, both loaners from Zeiss. I’ll share my impressions of the Olympus 300mm f/4 on the new Olympus OM-D E-M1 II, which I’ve been using alongside my Canon 1Dx and 500mm f/4. I spent some time in the US Southwest, shooting the Olympus with various lenses alongside the Sony A7R II which I keep on planning to ditch, but somehow hold on to.

Then,  I’ve got a Fuji x100f coming my way and will share my impressions of that camera, one that I really don’t need, but that keeps luring me back in with its beauty and ‘gestalt.’ Got another trip coming up, so it will get used then. I also ditched my Canon 7D II for the 5D Mark IV and will probably write about that transition for bird photography.

What I won’t do is buy or rent any gear for the sake of reviewing it. I also have given up reading most photography blogs or sites, which has vastly improved my life. Actually, unless I’m looking for a specific review, the only sites I regularly visit – and recommend – are The Online Photographer by Mike Johnston and (for the forums). This means I’m not on top of the news and other than handling some gear at a trade show or in B&H, there is now a lot of new stuff I’ve never used.

There is no business behind the blog anymore, as there was a year ago. There is still a business idea behind Photographic Wanderings, one that’s also been put off by a year, but that’s for later…unless another opportunity pops up first. Life takes turns, you know.

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