About Photographic Wanderings

This site is recently launched and still in its ‘testing’ phase. In other words, I’m trying to find out what works best for my intended audience and my goals. So, while the site’s content will always be a work in progress, at this point in time the layout, overall focus and style are also still in flux.

With that out of the way: at the moment, Photographic Wanderings is about adding a new voice and focus to the collection of photography enthusiast websites. My focus will be on locations, photographers and gear, in that order.

At least that’s the plan right now. It might change.

About Me

I’m not a professional photographer, I’m not a technical expert and I’m not a pixel peeper. I am, however, a long-time amateur photographer. I have used a wide variety of cameras and photographed in many different places and countries. I’ve been at this for more than 30 years.

Professionally, my work has been as a journalist and a manager and consultant for web content. I plan to combine my passion and my expertise to build this site into something interesting, useful and entertaining.

I’m originally Dutch but left Holland in 1989. Since then I’ve mostly lived in or close to New York, with stints in Switzerland, Cyprus and Austria.

John van Rosendaal

john -at- photographicwanderings.com

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