Photographing Bald Eagles along the Hudson

This time last year, the lower Hudson River shores were filled with bald eagles escaping the frozen waters further north. In their wake, photographers and sightseers spent hours watching the graceful birds and shooting the occasional show of eagles fighting over fish.

I wrote much of this last year, at the end of eagle season, after I had been out to the river almost every morning for much of February and March. I figured it would be a guide for this season and I’d publish it around the time the eagles would visit the area.

Well, maybe the extreme cold spell this weekend will do it, but so far the pickings have been extremely slim. There are some bald eagles hanging around near Beacon, NY, outside of the area I covered last year. Yesterday for the first time this year, I photographed an eagle in Verplanck, NY, where I spent many hours and took thousands of pictures a year ago.  So far, it’s nothing like the dozens of eagles you would see every day last winter.

My one 2016 eagle shot...

My one 2016 eagle shot, so far…

So, just in case we still do get lucky and the eagles once again move to this area, I’m publishing this guide now. It focuses on locations along the eastern shore south of the Bear Mountain Bridge. It’s based on my own observations over many days last year and on information from others who have been observing bald eagles for years.

General Observations

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Photo Opp: 2015 New York Puerto Rican Day Parade


If you’re into red, white and blue, the Puerto Rican parade is your thing. Sunday, I spent once more several hours amidst the Puerto Rican crowds with their colorful flags, clothing and national pride to photograph the annual parade marching – dancing, actually – up Fifth Avenue in New York.

Last year, I wrote at length on how to photograph this parade and what to keep in mind. Most of that stands unchanged. If anything, this year the sun bearing down on the avenue made photography even more interesting or challenging, depending on your take.


I found myself looking for shadows of dancers, whenever the sun was out. When a cloud moved in front of it, I sometimes missed a nice opportunity, but at the same time was relieved by the temporary shade.

The main difference this year was that I started at the very beginning of the parade, both in time and in location. [Read more…]

Coming Up: the NY Puerto Rican Day Parade

Regulars know that I have made it a habit to go out and shoot the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York. It’s energetic, colorful, loud, happy and makes for a great shooting experience if you like that kind of thing.

I wrote about last year’s parade with tips on how to cover it in this article.

If you want to photograph this year’s event, it’s on Fifth Avenue between 44th and 79th Streets from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Have fun!

Photographing the New York Dance Parade


There are times I love, absolutely LOVE New York City. Saturday May 16th was such a day. The 9th Annual Dance Parade held that day combined some of the best things the City has to offer: spectacle, exuberance and international and cultural diversity. Add some colors and you’ve got a great photographic opportunity.

Consider this an evergreen article. It’s written after the parade, but hopefully helpful for photographers wondering what to keep in mind when shooting this parade and similar ones in the coming years. Next year, I’ll give a heads up before the parade actually happens.

The Route


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Photographing the 2015 New York Auto Show

It is that time of the year that the New York Auto Show takes place, a show that used to be more of a large regional gathering but has grown into a venue where car makers introduce new cars to the US and/or world markets.

Like many photographers, judging from the forum posts on ‘sharing pictures of your ride’, I’m a bit of a car nut. The days that I longed to own a Ferrari are gone, but I still like to see cool cars and have fun when I drive.

The show starts officially on Saturday, but before the opening to the public, the Javits Center on Manhattan opens its door first to the media, then to dealers and then to those who bought special tickets. Yesterday was the first media day. Below a smattering of behind-the-scenes images.

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