Ethics & Biases


I received training as a lawyer and a journalist, so to many I’m probably right down there with U.S. Congressmen as the least trustworthy species on Earth.

Fact is, though, that in my profession as a journalist and communications consultant, I’m dead if I’m not as honest, reliable and truthful as I can possibly be. I have to earn the trust of my readers. Without that, I have nothing.

I have affiliate links to B&H and Amazon. Neither of them are beholden to any particular brand. If you click through to their sites and buy from them, I get a small commission while you pay nothing extra.


On a personal level, I hate clutter. So, I’ll try my hardest to prevent it here. That includes content or ads that don’t contribute to the mission of this site.

I also hate it when people think my opinions are for sale.

But I’m human and a photographer and I have to admit to some weaknesses.

Like so many of my generation, I started out with an old camera my dad gave me, a Yashica YK (still have it) and then moved up to a Pentax ME Super (still have that too). I worked that Pentax hard over many years and loved it. Still do. It gives me nostalgia. Weakness number one.

Before I moved to digital I did most of my shooting with a Contax N1 and a Contax G2, both with Carl Zeiss lenses. Both cameras had warts, but I generally liked their interfaces. I loved the Carl Zeiss glass. Contax is no more, but Zeiss glass still lures me. Weakness number two.

Still, my weaknesses only extend so far. Other than that old Pentax film camera, I don’t own Pentax gear. I use a few Zeiss and Sony/Zeiss lenses on my Sony gear, but I’m currently planning to sell all of it.*


* Edited April 2017.