Ethics & Biases


I received training as a lawyer and a journalist, so to many I’m probably right down there with U.S. Congressmen as the least trustworthy species on Earth.

Fact is, though, that in my profession as a journalist, I’m dead if I’m not as honest, reliable and truthful as I can possibly be. I have to earn the trust of my readers. Without that, I have nothing.

This site is still new, but I’d rather be upfront about my plans to make money.

At the moment, this site is costing me a lot of dough, if only because in order to attract new readers I have to review gear that I buy at retail prices. Some of these pieces I would buy anyway, but others I buy purely to review and then have to sell at a loss.

I have affiliate links to B&H and Amazon. Neither of them are beholden to any particular brand. If you click through to their sites and buy from them, I get a small commission while you pay nothing extra. It’s a way you can help me grow this site.

I also plan to run advertising on a limited basis. I’m not sure yet how I will structure this. I could opt for the mainstream media model, which says that the ads are just there and the publisher is not endorsing the product or service at all. Or I could pick the small blogger model, which only features ads for products or services they like. I will cross that bridge when I get there, if ever. And will then explain it here.

I also plan to roll out additional products and services under the Photographic Wanderings banner. More about that later.


On a personal level, I hate clutter. So, I’ll try my hardest to prevent it here. That includes content or ads that don’t contribute to the mission of this site.

I also hate it when people think my opinions are for sale.

But I’m human and a photographer and I have to admit to some weaknesses.

Like so many of my generation, I started out with an old camera my dad gave me, a Yashica YK (still have it) and then moved up to a Pentax ME Super (still have that too). I worked that Pentax hard over many years and loved it. Still do. It gives me nostalgia. Weakness number one.

Before I moved to digital I did most of my shooting with a Contax N1 and a Contax G2, both with Carl Zeiss lenses. Both cameras had warts, but I generally liked their interfaces. I loved the Carl Zeiss glass. Contax is no more, but Zeiss glass still lures me. Weakness number two.

Still, my weaknesses only extend so far. I actually don’t use Pentax, Contax or Zeiss* gear at the moment.

* Edited Dec 10, 2014: I do now own and use the Sony Zeiss 55mm/1.8 lens.