Photographing the New York Dance Parade


There are times I love, absolutely LOVE New York City. Saturday May 16th was such a day. The 9th Annual Dance Parade held that day combined some of the best things the City has to offer: spectacle, exuberance and international and cultural diversity. Add some colors and you’ve got a great photographic opportunity.

Consider this an evergreen article. It’s written after the parade, but hopefully helpful for photographers wondering what to keep in mind when shooting this parade and similar ones in the coming years. Next year, I’ll give a heads up before the parade actually happens.

The Route


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Scratch That – Profoto Messed Up and Says ‘Sorry’

Just as I posted the previous article, Profoto dropped this in my mail box. It speaks for itself. No further comment necessary:


As some of you might have noted, the firmware upgrade we released on Mar 31 contains a bug that causes the B1 to get stuck at full power. The bug only appears when shooting in TTL mode with Canon EOS-1D X, but considering today’s announcement, that is more than enough to remove it from our site.

The short, non-technical explanation for the bug is: we were too eager and didn’t test the upgrade properly. For that we are sorry.

Rest assure that we’re now working hard to fix this problem. Vacations have been cancelled, the coffee is brewing, and we will get back to you as soon as we can with an update.

For the meantime, it is not possible to download the firmware upgrade from the Profoto site.

Those of you who do not shoot with Canon EOS-1D X will not notice this bug, regardless if you’ve performed the upgrade or not. Everything will work just fine.

Profoto Updates B1 Firmware for Canon 1Dx Users


Profoto today released its long-awaited firmware update allowing TTL metering for its B1 flash with the Canon 1Dx.

The B1 was announced a few months back as a professional wireless battery-powered monolight with TTL capabilities, the first ever. If used together with the Air Remote TTL-C, the B1 works just like any TTL-capable flash system, but offers the output of a monolight instead of a small speedlight. The Air Remote is currently only available for Canon.

Previously, the remote didn’t work with the 1Dx, a curious oversight, since the B1 is aimed at the same professional photographers as the 1Dx. That’s now fixed.

The firmware updates the remote, not the B1 unit. It can be downloaded here.

The company also said it will offer a firmware update for high-speed sync and a Nikon compatible remote later this year.

I’ve been curious about the B1 since its launch, but Profoto has been slow providing a review sample. So, I just bought one unit with a remote.

In the coming weeks I will use it alongside my Canon flash and my Elinchrom Ranger RX, mostly to see how they compare in practicality and usability. After that, either the RX or the B1 will move to new pastures.