Impressions of the Canon 7D Mark II


Curious fellow that I am, I decided to rent a Canon 7D Mark II to see how it performs and to what extent I’d be blown away by its speed.

It’s been interesting, not so much what I learned about the camera, but what I learned about myself and cameras.

The first thing I noticed as the camera was lying on my desk, was that I didn’t reach for it that often. Currently, I also have two Zeiss Loxia lenses on loan and I had just received the new Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO lens. These were all vying for attention and I tended to veer toward the smaller, mirrorless options instead of the larger DSLR.

This is not a negative against the camera itself, but merely yet another reflection on how my own use of cameras has changed. Taking my own 5D Mark III with me is always a conscious decision, whereas I often quickly grab one of the smaller cameras as I head out the door. So it was with the 7D II.

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