Fuji Announces a Bevy of New Gear, Including X100T

Fuji X100T Fujifilm has earned a reputation as a company that listens to its customers and offers improvements on their products and firmware to cater to their customer base. In the case of firmware, Fuji has updated firmware for cameras that were already succeeded by newer models. Kudos for that.

But it turns out there’s also a flipside to that continuous improvement. That became obvious today, when Fuji announced a few products that are just slightly improved or slightly different from stuff that hasn’t been on the market that long. [Read more…]

Fujifilm X-T1 Review; Bit of Sony A7R & Olympus E-M1 Thrown In


On my desk, between the keyboard and my monitors are three goodies: the Fujifilm X-T1, the Sony A7R and the Olympus OM-D E-M1. Take the best of each, combine that and you’ll get the near-perfect camera. Fat chance of that happening, so I’ll forget that thought and focus mostly on the newest of the bunch, the Fuji.

I’ve been shooting with it only for a little over a week and only with one lens, the 35mm f/1.4. They’re both rentals. I picked the 35mm lens because it has a good reputation and because I have equivalent lenses for my Sony and my Olympus, so I could make some fair comparisons. More about that later.

I was really looking forward to the Fuji. It just looks right for a guy like me, who grew up with cameras that had dials for stuff that was important. Dials that meant something. More importantly, dials that did only ONE thing. In modern cameras, one dial can have multiple functions and you have to remember all of them.

So the Fuji looked right. The right size, the right color (I’m a big fan of black), the right dials, even some lenses with real aperture rings. Awesome. This looked like a camera I had been waiting for. [Read more…]

Will Fuji Get Retro Right after Mixed Nikon Df Reception?

20140115-DSC_2957Tomorrow, Fujifilm will announce its new DSLR-like mirrorless camera in the X-series. From the teaser and the leaked pictures, the camera (rumored to be called X-T1) will have a retro design with dedicated dials for key functions. Just like the Nikon Df.

Coming on the heels of a highly controversial camera like that Df, the question will be whether Fuji got retro right. It largely did, at least design-wise, with the X100 and the X-Pro 1, but both these cameras had/have drawbacks in their first iteration. The X100 apparently had a very slow autofocus, at least until Fuji released a firmware update that addressed it to a certain extent. The X-Pro1 apparently lagged a bit as well compared to its mirrorless peers.

On the other hand, the Nikon Df, which I have used for the past two weeks, is overall a very capable camera with a versatile sensor, but didn’t get retro 100% right. If anything, the Df has too many dials and tiny little locks to deal with. What should have been simple is instead a jumble of analog and digital controls. [Read more…]