Pentax K-3 DSLR – First Impressions & Samples

On Friday, I received the Pentax K-3 I pre-ordered the day it was announced. While I haven’t had much time to shoot with it yet, I want to share some first impressions and early pictures from the camera.

First a word about my weakness for things Pentax. My first ‘serious’ cameras were a Pentax ME and a ME Super. I beat the hell out of them. I fancied myself a photojournalist and battled with other photographers to get good shots of riots or a close-up portrait of the pope when he visited Holland. This involved lots of elbow work and my poor Pentaxes clanging against much sturdier Nikons and Canons, the ones the real pros were using.

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Pentax Announces the K-3 DSLR

As I admit on my Ethics & Biases page, I have a weakness for Pentax. At the same time, the Pentax K20d I bought several years ago has languished in the closet for the last two years. The last time I clicked its shutter button was just before hurricane Sandy hit our area last year.

So, I was planning to sell it and my Pentax lenses. Bye bye, Pentax.

But, but… I love those ‘limited’ series lenses. So, instead of listing everything online, I ordered a Pentax K5IIs to try it out. Apparently, it’s a wonderful camera. I could get it new for $300 below list, so it sounded like a good deal. It’s arriving tomorrow.

And now I will leave it unpacked and return it right away.

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