Should You Buy a Leica T ?


Leica this morning announced its rumored Leica T. At the same time, several Leica beta-testers and Leica-oriented bloggers published their reviews.

Very quickly: the T is a 16-megapixel, APS-C mirrorless – but not a rangefinder – camera with AF, a new lens mount and two new lenses available at launch. It costs $1,850. The lenses are a 23mm f/2 prime (35mm equivalent) at $1,950 and a 16-56mm f3.5-5.6 at $1,750.

Being devoid of Leica – or any other brand – love and lacking an enormous audience, I have not seen or stroked this new masterpiece. What I have done, my dear reader, is read a bunch of those reviews and come to some quick conclusions. [Read more…]

Sony Did It: A7, A7R Cameras Boast Tons of Pixels in Tiny Package

First things first: I’m p***ed at Sony and despite that, I just paid them $3000. I’m angry because despite four emails to four different PR flacks in their offices, they didn’t even add me to their media distribution list, something that would have taken them all of five minutes. I’ve been better treated by the White House in the past. More about that later. Let’s just say, I’m excited about their new cameras but not about the company.

Sorry, but I didn’t stay up late to see the actual announcement on a live video stream. We basically already knew what was coming and while I get excited about new gear, I reserve late-night television for stirring movies or world-shaking news events. Some take the launch of these Sony cameras as the latter, but I think it falls a bit short of that. Just a bit.

Anyway, so Sony today announced the cameras they had leaked and the specifications are as intriguing as they promised to be.

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