Packing Photo Gear for Barcelona, Spain, and the French Countryside


Just when I have the most time for and interest in photography is when I’m most limited with the gear I can take. That’s the quandary facing me now that I’m about to leave for five weeks in Europe.

Part of the trip will be spent with my family in my hometown. The other part will be a road trip from Holland via France to Barcelona, Spain, and back. I’m spending about a week driving, with stops for photography, and a week in Barcelona.

So, it’s a great time to try new gear that doesn’t get much use at home.

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Road Trip! – Packing Photo Gear for a Week on the American Roads

Road Trip!


American movies make you believe that a road trip here involves rowdy young people in a classic American convertible driving through the empty South West in the blazing sun. Now, I’ve got a road trip coming up next week, but it’s nothing like that. Bummer, right?

My road trip will be my son and I driving in a contemporary German sedan through the decidedly not empty environs of the North East, most likely through a veil of rain. And I doubt we’ll be rowdy.

It’s college trip time, another old American tradition. My son needs to go check out colleges to decide which ones he wants to apply to. First Ohio, then Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont. I’m looking forward to it, because I like breaking the routine, seeing other parts of the US and don’t mind driving long distances here, unless it’s on the Interstate 95, the infamously crowded I95 corridor from Maine to Florida along the Atlantic coast.

So, it’s time to pack my gear. As usual, for someone with too much stuff, it’s an excruciating process of inclusion and elimination with the end result that you’ll be unhappy with your choices anyway. I don’t know about you, but I always take too much and still miss the one thing I didn’t take. [Read more…]