Sony A7 II – the Review That Wasn’t to Be for a Camera That Shouldn’t Be, Yet


This non-review comes in three parts. First, my impressions. Second, thoughts about where the A7II fits in. Third, musings about Sony’s plans and full-frame cameras in general. You can stop at any point and ignore the rest. Or you can stop now, if you like to read only positive stuff.


This was meant to be a long review of the new Sony A7 II, but it was not to be. Just when the rental camera arrived, I fell sick and when I started feeling better, the camera needed to be packed up and shipped back.

Normally, considering how little use the camera saw, I wouldn’t write anything. But I felt something was missing in the first impressions and review posts I encountered on the web: the sense of whether this camera is not only better than the regular A7 but also better than its peers. That’s in the end what matters, right?

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