Packing Photo Gear for Barcelona, Spain, and the French Countryside


Just when I have the most time for and interest in photography is when I’m most limited with the gear I can take. That’s the quandary facing me now that I’m about to leave for five weeks in Europe.

Part of the trip will be spent with my family in my hometown. The other part will be a road trip from Holland via France to Barcelona, Spain, and back. I’m spending about a week driving, with stops for photography, and a week in Barcelona.

So, it’s a great time to try new gear that doesn’t get much use at home.

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Photographing Fall Colors

20030102 fall colors

It is the time of year for traveling north in pursuit of colorful fall foliage. The northern states are already in flux, with the band of colors moving south week by week. Photographic Wanderings scoured the web and rounded up some tips for shooting fall foliage across the United States and offers up web sites with further information and foliage forecasts.

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Blog Note: Travel Coming Up


Been busy prepping for a trip across the Pacific, into the Japanese rainy season. I’ll be a few days in Tokyo, about a week in Kyoto and then a week on the Big Island of Hawaii.

After much hemming and hawing, I now have my carry-on filled with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO. This is my main shooting setup for Tokyo and Kyoto, since it has good weather resistance. Alternate lenses for the Olympus are the 12mm f/2.0, the 25mm f/1.8, the 45mm f/1.8 and the 75mm f/1.8. The latter two because they’re so good. The first two because I might need that bit of extra aperture at dusk. Plus, except for the 75mm, they’re so light that it hardly makes a difference in weight to throw them in.

For Hawaii, the main setup will be the Sony A7r with the Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 FE, an old Olympus 24mm f/2.8 and a Contax 90mm f/2.8.

I’m also throwing in the Pentax WG-III waterproof point-and-shoot for fun shots at the beach and while snorkeling.

Finally, I will take the Fuji X100s. I think. It’s in the bag, because it’s made for city shooting like I’m planning to do. But it doesn’t offer the weather-resistance of the Olympus and only offers 35mm. I regard it as my go-to camera, but in reality it often stays home or doesn’t get chosen when I go out for serious shooting. I like using it, but if I find that even during this trip I don’t reach for it much, I fear it will have to go.

So, my first real post last year was about shooting in Paris with three cameras and this year it will be about shooting in Japan and Hawaii with three cameras.

Depending on time and internet connections, I will report back once in a while during the trip and share my experiences with the camera and about shooting in these places.

Transcend’s JetDrive Lite Could Replace that Extra Hard Drive


When traveling with photo gear, the one thing we need is safe storage for our images. That often means copying or moving the images from the memory card to a laptop and backing up the internal hard drive to an external one. That external hard drive, even a small portable one, is one more thing to carry.

The newly announced JetDrive Lite from Transcend could significantly lower your load, at least when you’re using an Apple MacBook. It’s essentially a small SD card that can hold 64GB or 128GB and provides transfer speeds of up 95MB/s and 60MB/s.

It sits flush with the computer body, so you can leave it in place. The only downside for photographers is that it uses the computer’s SD card slot, so you would have to use a card reader with a USB cable to transfer your images to the computer or take the JetDrive out of the slot each time you transfer images from the memory card.

The type of card you need depends on your computer model. Official prices are $49 to the 64GB version and $99 for the 128GB version.

I have requested a sample copy to review and if I get one, I’ll report back.

Amazon carries them.* They’re currently showing a 2-4 shipping delay. On the other hand, the prices at Amazon at $40 for the 64GB version and $80 for the 128GB version.



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